About Us

Our Mission

To enhance the competitive advantage of our business partners.

Columbia Technologies, Inc. "Your Systems Solutions Partner" - January 1994 marks the year when Columbia Technologies came to be as a system solutions provider. We believe that the demand for innovation is not focused solely on products. We realized that providing an answer to our customers' every computing need is essential. Columbia Technologies take into action in fulfilling these needs by offering the total systems solution to its customers.

Our Vision

To provide premier systems solutions to our business partners through committed professionals, complemented with quality products and services.

The Team

Business Development Group (BDG),   Education Sales Group (ESG),   Dedicated Sales Group (DSG)

Business Development Group, Education Sales Group, and Dedicated Sales Group are composed of highly-trained marketing and sales professionals, fully-equipped with knowledge to help our customers understand and maximize the full potential of every product, application software or network solution, to enchance the competitiveness of their business operations.

Business Solutions Support Center (BSSC)

BSSC is responsible for providing systems consultation to our propective clients as well as conduct seminars to keep our clients abreast of the new trends in computing technology. The group is composed of Active and Post Sales Support Team, Desktop, Peripherals and Antivirus Team, MIS Team, Network Team, Servers, Storage Virtualization and Disaster Recovery Team, Technical Sales Team, and Web, Database and Autodesk Support Team.

Product Management Group (PMG)

Product Management Group assesses the current marketing conditions and formulates a win-win strategy for tomorrow's marketing environment. Product Managers are in-charge of bringing new technologies to the marketing team. With close coordination of the principal computer manufacturers here and abroad, they have access to the best and latest technology even before they are formally launched.

Information Technology and Services Department (ITSD)

Information Technology and Services Department provides off-site and on-site services such as repairs in-depth diagnosis on computer-related equipment backed by industry standard testing machinery.